What is the HCG Diet?

By now you have likely heard of the medically-approved HCG Diet, which uses the natural HCG hormone to stimulate a patient’s metabolism so that they burn fat while maintaining lean-muscle.  At bare|medspa, we go above and beyond the traditional HCG Diet to create a customized diet program unique to each patient that allows you to meet and/or exceed your individual weight loss goals. Weight loss results vary, but many bare|medspa patients report weight loss amounts averaging around 1 to 1 ½ pounds per day for both male and female patients.

At bare|medspa, hundreds of patients have reached their individual weight loss goals and lost thousands of combined pounds following our individualized, physician and nurse supervised and administered diet plan protocol. World-wide, the HCG diet has been experienced by over a million individuals. Unlike other diets, the HCG Diet addresses metabolic and hormonal reasons that cause weight gain.  Only the injectable form of HCG, offered at bare|medspa, has been extensively studied for over 40 years and we have found it to be the superior delivery system for HCG.

How does the HCG Diet Work?

First introduced by Dr. Simeon to treat extreme obesity, over the years, physicians have modified the diet so that it may be used by over-weight patients looking to shed pounds. The HCG Diet uses the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which is produced in large amounts in pregnant women. Like in pregnancy, the HCG hormone stimulates the body to utilize fat stores as nutrients so that when combined with a very low calorie Diet Program of approximately 500 calories per day, the patient sees immediate and often-times dramatic weight loss results.  The bare|medspa HCG Diet Program includes either a 23 and 40 day program period, depending on patient goals.

At bare|medspa, our HCG Diet Plan of approximately 500 calories per day consists of eating healthy counseling with our physician and nurse staff with only low-fat content protein sources, vegetables, and fruits low in sugar, combined with HCG injections, weekly weigh-ins with our nurses and weekly B12 injections to maintain your energy levels during the program.  At the end of the bare|medspa HCG Diet Program it is always our goal to work with and encourage our patients to continue eating a healthy diet while increasing their total caloric intake.  To this end, we include a 6 week post-diet support program with additional B12 injections.

Why should I consider the HCG Diet?

More than one-third (78 million) American adults are obese according to current guidelines (See Journal of American Medicine – JAMA).  Obesity related conditions account for increased risks and associated conditions of heart-disease, stroke, type-2 diabetes, some cancers and several preventable causes of death. Bare|medspa works one-on-one with patients to address obesity head-on so that they may live a healthier and more productive life.  Dr. Ruiz indivudually meets and screens each bare|medspa patient to make sure they are an appropriate candidate before a bare|medspa nurse further educates the patient and administers the HCG Diet Program under the supervision of Dr. Ruiz.  Patients taking medications for conditions related to their obesity may see improvements in their overall health following the Diet Program that allow their physician to discontinue certain medications.

What Complimentary Services to the HCG Diet are offered at Bare|Medspa?

At bare|medspa we also offer Coolsculpting and V-Shape skin tightening procedures so that after you achieve your weigh loss goals you can address stubborn areas of fat and loose skin.

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